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Large Scale Portraits of people with a lot of life experience that integrate the actual words of their stories into the lines and wrinkles of their faces.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Maria's mom age 81

I would tell you her name if I could but, honestly, I could not understand it.... I'll have to listen to the interview again to try to figure it out. This wonderful lady is a Mexican immigrant who grew up in a tiny town that was so poor that the children didn't wear shoes or undergarments. She and her family would forage the fields and mountains for food and eat a fruit she calls tuna- the fruit of a cactus. She has lived here 17 years and speaks no English and does not read any language. Her gift is caring for children, who love her so much that they never want to go home with their mothers. She is 81 and still babysits more than 4 children all day, every day. Her daughter, Maria, is her pride and joy and it is with tears that she speaks of how her daughter has stood by her.  Her only fear is that when she dies she will not be able to take care of Maria.

Her words were heartbreaking but her face really tells her story in a language we can all understand.

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