The Idea

Large Scale Portraits of people with a lot of life experience that integrate the actual words of their stories into the lines and wrinkles of their faces.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Chance

Tomorrow is your last chance to send people down to vote. Please support this project by telling your friends to help me get into the top ten. All of your encouragement and kind words have been greatly appreciated throughout this Art Prize experience. Thank you for seeing the value in the stories of the men and women I painted and for seeing the value of my work.


  1. I was heart broke to see u didn't make the top 10 ur piece was amazing and truly touched me...each story hit me hard and I could just feel these ppl through your paintings thank you for sharing such an amazing piece for some of these ppl their stories would have died w them glad to know they will live on forever through your art work best of luck in all ur endeavors :-)

  2. Sad that you didn't make the top 10. Loved your work and that you took time to hear their stories and turn them into art. Maybe it's elsewhere her, but could you post the questions you asked? Would love to have my parents answer them. *hugs*